It's once again time to release the next major update to StayPuft, my programming-oriented theme for Ghost.

Despite the fact that since the previous release I have found an easier way to integrate changes from Casper, I have still found it difficult to find the time and motivation to update the theme. Nevertheless, here it is!


Ghost 2.13.1

The new version has been tested against Ghost 2.13.1 (i.e. that's the version I'm currently running), but it should work on any version beyond Ghost 2.0.0 at the time of writing. If you would like to know what has changed on the backend, you can check out the Ghost releases page.

If you need help upgrading Ghost itself, just follow the instructions in their own Support page.

Installing StayPuft

If you're not yet using StayPuft and would like to try it out, just take a look at the Installation section over at GitHub.

Updating StayPuft

To update the theme from the previous version, get the latest release and replace the files in partials/custom with your existing versions (no changes in this release). Then, you should only need to go to your blog's administration page and upload the new version in the Design section. For an even older version, please do a full installation.

Thanks for checking out the theme!