Time for a surprisingly early update to my theme, StayPuft for Ghost.

What's Changed

This is the first update where the list of changes is small enough that I can remember and list them all. Mostly, I've made the theme more mobile-friendly:

  • Fixed an issue with the font url on AMP.
  • Made the logo a square, with no border. If you liked it that way, you can just build it into the image, or restore the old CSS.
  • Split the sidebar in Tablet mode so most of it shows up at the bottom, adding more space for content at the top.
  • External links on the sidebar should have no text now.
  • Added some space between post covers and post titles.

Ghost 0.11.7

The new version has been tested against Ghost 0.11.7 (i.e. that's the version I'm currently running), but should work on any version beyond Ghost 0.9.0 at the time of writing. It might also work on older or newer versions, but I make no guarantees. If you would like to know what has changed, you can check out the Ghost dev blog.

If you need help upgrading Ghost itself, just follow the instructions in their own Support page.

Installing StayPuft

If you're not yet using StayPuft and would like to try it out, just take a look at the Installation section over at GitHub.

Updating StayPuft

To update the theme, just follow the Installation instructions as normal. You may copy over your existing partials/disqus.hbs, but partials/sidebar-external.hbs should not contain any proper text now, just icons.